I just wanted to look

I never used to drive up here at night. If I could go back to then I would've. I could've leaned my seat back and stared at the stars. But I have a new car now, and so when I... Continue Reading →


Paper Doll, Dreaming

I spend my life laying in bed, listening to the weather, thinking. My body's here, passing time, waiting for something to move me. But my mind is miles away. I can't stop thinking about the future. Hoping Praying That it... Continue Reading →

Love is

Love is that friend who tells you to come over when you're having a bad day. Love doesn't need to know why you need them, they're just there for you. Love doesn't know everything about you and they might not... Continue Reading →


Trees line the path up to our spot. Leaves keep falling into my hair as I walk up to it. Do you still remember when I strung them together to make a crown for you?  You called it beautiful and... Continue Reading →

This is what innocence feels like

Like too long believing I was never enough, that I never would be. Like enough anxiety to fill a throat, enough to choke a girl who's never been kissed. Like a heart beating too fast for small veins to keep... Continue Reading →

Fan of the impossible 

It's not fair. That you look even more perfect up close. Angels must've adored you, to have made you look like that. And the angels don't think much of me,  but I've been praying you didn't notice me staring at... Continue Reading →

Burn me

We're sitting around the campfire.  Flames crackling, smoke seeping into our clothing, into our hair. You're watching me twirling my fingers through the flames, but I'd rather get them tangled up in your hair. Embers are sparking up in your... Continue Reading →

I made things

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