I made a thing.

Please excuse me

To whom it may concern, Please excuse Madeline Paige Howlett's absences and tardies from the year 2016 to indefinitely. These should all be medically excused on the account of Madeline being bat shit crazy. No, really. If you want you... Continue Reading →

Help meh

I don't wanna pick which posts to put in the book. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any post of mine you liked or remembered or... anything? PLEASE HELP ME CHOOSE. I hate making decisions. It's the absolute worse. No matter... Continue Reading →

Things I wish I could steal (#stolen)

Sam's gorgeous journal and endless creativity and calm, simple niceness. Karina's ability to find poetry in every part of life and write it like it's as simple as breathing. Harrison's wit and amazingly loud and hilarious personality Carter and Emma's... Continue Reading →

Advice pt. 2 

AKA awkward randomness. Here you go: Super qualified professional advice

This isn’t a love letter

I packaged my heart. I took my soul and shaped it into a card.  Notes of affection and adoration.  Little gifts here and there, I wanted you to feel important. I ignored my shy stomach and tight throat and I... Continue Reading →


1) I wrote in all caps 2) I'm gonna do an advice video where I'm gonna give advice.Because I am totally qualified to solve all your problems. I have no problems. Absolutely none. My life is perfect. So leave a... Continue Reading →

Dead Rabbits

*trigger warning* It was an unexepeted ending. a twist no one saw coming. It was the magic trick no one wanted to see We all thought they were fine. We didn't see the depression creeping in, didn't see it pulling... Continue Reading →

The Oscars: Why I Hate La La Land

I had nothing against the movie (except the cheesy af observatory scene. That was too much, too much ridiculousness) No, the ending. The ending was what threw me. The ending was an unpleasant surprise. The ending was wasted hope and... Continue Reading →

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